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From Hell Friday

Have you suffered through a hellish ordeal? Did you have to babysit a pure monster? Did you have a miserable camping experience? Did you attend a funeral where the family feuded over who took home the ashes? Have you attended a wedding where a secret (your secret, perhaps?) was revealed to the entire room, resulting in a fiasco? Been made to suffer through an excruciating date that made you wish you were at the dentist having your tooth pulled without novocaine? Have you had your tooth extracted without novocaine? Have you endured a parent-teacher-conference that made you wiggle and squirm and wonder how your kid dealt with this teacher all day?

If you’ve nodded yes to any of those, then please tell us about it!

If none of the above sounded familiar, but you’ve suffered an equally excruciating torment whether it be at the movies, at the doctor’s office, a camping trip, at church. It doesn’t matter, come share your story. We’ve all been there and as they say, misery loves company!


[Please note: By submitting your story you are granting full rights to publish/feature your story on this blog site. ImmaBFrank cannot be held responsible should your story garner so much attention that it goes viral and is shared/copied onto other sites without your knowledge. 

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To increase your odds of having your story selected, please try to keep language at a PG level.

Stories will be posted on Fridays as part of our “From Hell Friday Series”. If there is an overwhelming number of response and it becomes difficult to choose, more than one post might be made each Friday.

Thank you and I look forward to reading your stories!]


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