Obsession Confession: I like my burritos like I like my chicken…


Yes, it’s true and apparently weird that not only do I fry chicken in my house, I also fry my burritos. Now, don’t get too grossed out, I don’t bread them first. 😛

This is how I grew up. I had no idea it wasn’t the “norm”. But apparently nobody else I know, except my mom, fries burritos.

I’m a very, um, shall we say, impatient and basic cook. I don’t  use a lot of spices or steam this, sauté that, bake this and smoke that all to make one dish. Nope, I’m a fewest steps possible to get an end result. I just didn’t learn how to cook.

Anyway, for my burritos, I lay out my tortilla, spread some befriend beans (Taco Bell brand is my favorite), sprinkle on some cheese, then pour on some Taco Bell burrito sauce. That’s it. Then I wrap them up and toss them into the flying pan coated with either butter, vegetable oil or olive oil.


After a few minutes, I give ’em a flip.


I know, I know, it’s not everyone’s cuppa, but I rather like it and hey, if you’ve never had burritos this way, give it a go. You just might like it.

What weird/unusual food obsession do you have? Come on, confess it!