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Imma B.Frank

The name is Imma, Imma B. I suppose I could just leave it as “Imma B.” because…well, if you ask my ex-husband, I am one. A “b” that is. 😉

My full name is Imma B. Frank. No, sadly that isn’t my legal name..though I think it’d be cool if it was. That, however, is top secret information! But as far as the blogosphere is concerned, my name is Imma B. Frank and Imma gonna live-a up to that name.

After spending the better part of a decade spinning tales of love that knows no bounds and sickening sweet romance, I have decided to take a break and talk blab about what’s real: life. Life is hard. It’s sticky, sweet, sour, bitter, and messy. Sounds like my kitchen… There are far more grey areas than black or white. Life lifts you up, it knocks you down, it teaches you lessons and all the while, it can make you laugh. Laugh at yourself. Laugh at the circumstances. Laugh at your reaction, particularly your facial expression. Heck, even laugh at the crazy conversation you recently overheard.

After selling a book or two (thousand) outside of my target audience and receiving a less-than-stellar review I learned so many things about life and myself. For obvious reasons I could never share my thoughts at the time as my career was hanging in the balance, but now as my marriage has turned to dust and my writing career has become anchored in a quagmire, Imma B. Frank. Filter? What filter? I don’t need a filter. Let’s talk about life, and let’s LAUGH about it!

Now for some Legal MomboJumbo.

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Please note: this does NOT make your cost go up nor does this site track who clicked what link or what you did or didn’t ‘t purchase so go ahead and buy the Fluffles Constrictor AKA Girdle or bustier no judgement here!

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