Obsession Confession: The Ranch

I recently gave up my satellite subscription because I was tired of pay $100 a month and all that was ever on was reruns of Reba, Last Man Standing, Home Improvement and every now and then Flea Market Flip. (I occasionally watched  HGTV, but I couldn’t stand Tarek and Christina, The Property Brothers or Dave and Hillary. I just can’t relate to the lifestyles they’re living or helping other people live. Just like with those house hunters type shows where people had these astronomical budgets. Hmm, if I had a $600,000 budget, I’d be living in a mansion with a butler and six maids around these parts. Then again, being hick from the stick like I am, my dream home costs less than $200,000. So…)

Being the budget-conscious divorcee that I am, I looked into Netflix and I have to say I absolutely love it! For less than the price of a new paperback, I have more options  that I could ever watch.

My current favorite is The Ranch with Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson, Debra Winger and Sam Elliott. I wasn’t a huge fan of That 70s Show when it originally aired, but a few years later I watched all the reruns when it came on the CW in huge blocks. It wasn’t a must see, but I did enjoy it. With Kelso and Hyde as the main roles in The Ranch I didn’t start watching with the idea of soon having an addiction.

The Ranch Image

Boy was I wrong!

I think it’s hilarious. I don’t love the f-bombs scattered throughout, but the witty jabs between brothers about everything from their personal lives to stupid things they’ve done–either as a kid or just two minutes ago is fantastic. Sam Elliott’s dry, frank humor has me rolling! As do the scenes where the boys are actually doing ranch work. This mainly strikes a funny bone because if these two HAD grown up on a ranch, it wouldn’t be nearly as amusing either to them or us as the audience. What I mean is they wouldn’t be making some of the mistakes that get them into trouble or think it’s gross to impregnate a cow.


The writing and acting are topnotch. There is only one, teeny, tiny thing I’d change, but I won’t say it. Instead I’ll ask for anyone else out there who watches it: are you Team Abby or Team Heather?

2 thoughts on “Obsession Confession: The Ranch

  1. I love having Netflix. I watch The Ranch when I’ve caught up on all my other shows. To me it’s like something that you hate but keep getting dragged back to. This third season seems they’ve added f-bombs to every character. Alas, I’ll probably watch the fourth one since three left on a cliffhanger.

    1. I know!!! Everyone seems to be bombing it.

      I’m still fairly new to Netflix, what other shows are good?

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