Facebook Legacy Contact

I’ve had it up to here with Facebook.

Since you all cannot see me, allow me to post a visual:

My annoyance level with FB

I’m so tired of the bickering and arguing over political crap and the only other things posted are about cats.

I’m done.

Yes, I like cats and all, but I don’t have a desire to watch them all day. Needless to say, FB was becoming a time suck. “Oh, I’ll just scroll down a little more, maybe it’ll get better.” No. “OK, a little more.”

I couldn’t go on this way. I was done. So…last night I decided to pull the plug. I went to my account settings and I started in the general tab. There it was as the last option:

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 6.08.48 AM

Legacy Contact? Years ago, when I first signed up for Facebook, my kids went to a preschool that had Legacy somewhere in the name. That’s where my mind went. I seriously thought there was some connection between my Facebook account and the contacts in my phone–which there is. Believe me, FB knows ALL.

Anyway, I’m a blonde, so that was just the logical path for my brain to go down.

That wasn’t at all what this was about. It was to set up a person to memorialize your FB account after you’ve kicked the bucket.

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 6.17.44 AM

I’m personally not sure if I’d want someone to memorialize me after I’m gone, but hey, it’s actually a good thing for FB to institute. I have several friends on FB who’ve passed away and I wonder what happens to their accounts.

Under the “Learn more” link, I read up on what they can and cannot do: pin a post as themselves to the top of your page letting everyone know you’re six feet under, accept friend requests on your behalf forever after. Or until they also start pushing up daisies and their Legacy Contact takes over–which begs the question, would their Legacy Contact assume their role as YOUR Legacy Contact? Hmmm, question for the Universe…  They cannot, however, delete any friends (so let your mother-in-law know your widow won’t be able to delete her when your gone–no matter how much she wants to) or read your messages–so that kidney you sold on the Black Market in exchange for enough money for your iPad will still be your little secret. 😉

If you’re interested in learning more about how to set this up and what your Legacy Contact can and cannot do on your account, here’s a link.

Have a blessed day and I hope your life has just been enriched as much as mine was.

Oh, and I’m still on Facebook! Come find and follow me here!!!

Imma B.


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