Is it time for school to start back yet?


My kids have been out of school for two weeks and it already feels like an eeeeteeeerrnittttttty!!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve scoured the internet to find them fun things to do. Only, your kid isn’t interested in any of it. That’s my situation. I’ve found dozens of those 100 summer activities for your kids. Most things on those lists require about 3 hours of prep time by me, followed by 10 minutes of activity time of which only about 2 of those 10 are spent happy to be doing the activity by them.

No, thank you!

So here is MY Summer Activity List I came up with for my kids:


Imma B.-2

  1. Read a book.
  2. Run around the backyard 10 times and try to beat your previous time with each lap.
  3. Rollerblade around the block from sunrise until lunch time.
  4.  Get on your bike and go ride around the neighborhood.
  5. Use rocks or larger pieces of mulch to be your “walkie talkies” while you pretend to chase down the bad guys. (The imaginary ones, in your head only–let’s not start our own branch of crime prevention in the neighborhood.)
  6. Play a board game
  7. Scribble down the driveway with sidewalk chalk.
  8. Have a water balloon fight.
  9. Swim.
  10. Find a bug and adopt him as your friend.
  11. Make a mud pie or have a mud fight.
  12. Sort, count and roll your spare change.
  13. Pull your younger sibling or a younger neighbor in a wagon.
  14. Walk with a group of friends down to the closest gas station and buy a popsicle.
  15. Have a dance-off with your friends.
  16. Make a voice recording of yourself–and friends.
  17. Have a lip syncing competition with your friends.
  18. Play soccer, football, kickball, baseball, basketball, etc.
  19. Set up an obstacle course in the backyard.
  20. Recruit some kids and play capture the flag.
  21. Draw.
  22. Write a story.
  23. Run through the sprinklers.
  24. Do flips in the backyard.
  25. Hoola hoop or jump rope.
  26. Take your pillow case outside and use it to bunny hop across the back yard.
  27. Create a new game outside.
  28. Read a magazine.
  29. Give the dog/cat a bath.
  30. Make lemonade, popsicles or ice cream.
  31. Find a cardboard box and “sled” down a grassy hill.
  32. Play with your toys (we all know kids have thousands of them).
  33. Make a bracelet with string and beads.
  34. Learn to play a make-shift instrument.


If none of these suggestions entertain your cherub but you don’t want them in front of a screen all day playing games or watching movies, suggest one of the following and they’ll vanish and entertain themselves no questions asked:

  1. Clean your room
  2. Clean the garage
  3. Pick weeds
  4. Mow the lawn
  5. Dig a ditch

You’re welcome. 😀

These might sound a little “old school”, and well, that’s because they are and guess what, they worked! When I was a kid (and I’m not that old!!) I was outside all day long. My mom shooed us outside as soon as the sun came up, sometimes even before, she hollered for us at midday and when we came we found a paper plate with our lunches waiting on the porch. Then it was back to playing until the sun went down. And ya know what? We liked it!

My kids complain that I’m mean or unfair because I limit their screen time. I do play with them, but not all day long. I’m their mom, not their playmate. I have spent several summers planning and orchestrating a fun activity each day and guess what, I’m plumb worn out. Sure, going to the zoo, aquarium, an amusement park or something similar once a summer is a must–but planning a field trip and scheduling their day all day long, every day is not realistic. Not for me, and honestly not for most moms. So if you’re one of those moms who is trying so hard to do different activities all summer long with their kids, but feel like you’re failing. You’re not. It’s a nearly impossible task. They’re kids and they need to learn to entertain themselves. Don’t feel bad about letting them come up with their own ideas or just being bored for a little bit.


Imma B.

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