Why is it that…? (Part 1)

I was thinking, and no, thankfully, I didn’t hurt myself, but…

Why is it that you come up with the perfect snarky comeback after you’ve walked away from a demoralizing ass-chewing?

Why is it that a writer can come up with the perfect dialogue banter for their characters while driving 75mph down the highway with both hands on the wheel?

Why is it, that when said author from above gets home they’ve completely forgotten how that conversation came to be or even what half of it is?

Why is it that I have friend requests on Facebook from people I don’t even know and don’t have any mutual friends?

Why is it that when your alarm goes off at 6 a.m., you’re barely able to pry your eyes open, yet three hours earlier were wide awake counting the little popcorn balls on the ceiling?

Why is it that the technician at the nail salon uses something that looks identical to a cheese grater on my feet…even if they aren’t scaly?!

Why is it that at the craft store I can load up my cart with a mountain of craft supplies as a hundred project ideas race through my head only to get home and totally lose heart as I put it away?

Why is it that you can read, re-read, read again the same passage and not find an error, then as soon as you hand it to someone else and start reading over their shoulder, you find three?

Why is it that there is a curling iron that costs one penny shy of $400 that is covered in rhinestones and looks like it belongs in an adult toy shop?! (Don’t believe me, click here)

Why is it that the smaller the bikini, the higher the price?

Why is it that in Tulsa, OK they have these wooden “Up With Trees” signs all around that are supposed to help promote planting trees and taking care of the environment?

Why is it that the number of episodes in a television season keep getting smaller and smaller?

These are things that can keep people awake at night, folks. At least this person.

Have any questions for the universe? Post them below. Not that I’m claiming to be the universe, but it’d be awesome to have more oddities to ponder to keep me awake at night.

Imma B.

(Oh and a bonus, why the heck is there Christmas stuff out already at Hobby Lobby?!)

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